Alternative Propulsion Systems

Decentralized peer-to-peer research and development.

The Project

How we revolutionize Propulsion Technology

We believe that true science can not be limited to just academia and theoretical work. Science means knowledge, and we gain knowledge by direct observation, direct experience and collaboration.

In the last years there has been spectacular progress in the study of Gravity worldwide. Besides that, a wave of official disclosure events about "UAP's" has been received with enthusiasm by the public. These "UAP's", of course, are nothing but machines powered by alternative propulsion systems. On top of all this we begin to see an increase in activity in the international and private space race, a competitive arena.

However these developments don't seem to affect directly the lives of the majority of the population. And the reason appears to be technological — rockets just don't cut it! They are too expensive, too centralized, unsafe and, to put it bluntly, simply obsolete compared to some of these "UAP's" we see on the news nowadays.

Our intention is to offer alternative propulsion systems that can change our lives. We have seen in the past innovators try time and time again to defy the status quo in the field of propulsion technology without success. And that outcome, we realize, was necessary. It had to happen for us to become aware of one very important fact — a transformation so fundamental in our lives, like the one these new technologies offer, cannot come from one person, company or institution. It must come from Humanity as a whole. We must evolve as a civilization to the level at which we take this step —this big step— consciously.

Therefore Gravimatrix is not the effort of one individual or a select group of individuals, but an open network of independent researchers, crowd-funded by independent supporters, geared towards worldwide awareness and transformation.

We bring about breakthrough technological solutions to the problem of Gravity through peer-to-peer empirical research. Help us change this world forever, be part of the change today.

The Research

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Gravity control experiments photo

Gravity control experiments

We are currently working activelly on devices that combine high voltage, extra low frequencies, light and plasma.

Sharing the knowledge photo

Sharing the knowledge

We plan on producing experimental kits for new members, students and enthusiasts to reproduce our experiments.

Spreading the word photo

Spreading the word

One of our objectives is to build a strong community around the project. Collaborators, supporters, donors, communicators. You too can make History!


The key people and organizations without which this project wouldn't be possible.

Filigenzi Lab photo

Filigenzi Lab


Young researcher, loves scalar interferometers and exotic physics. Replicated successfully a Fran De Aquino's experiment.

André Luiz Martins photo

André Luiz Martins


Independent Researcher. First person in the world to replicate Fran De Aquino's experiments.

Anonymous Inventor photo

Anonymous Inventor


Zero Point Energy enthusiast. Systems administrator. Maintainer of this website.